I’m Back.. ;-)

Hello friends.. Sorry for not making it all these days 😦 . Yeah, I remember that I left my Andaman diaries unfinished and I also remember that I didn’t make much on the part of Hindu mythology; last few days turned out to be real hectic as I had to prepare for my exams and attend some unexpected calls.

Finally, am back completing all my tasks and bagged up so many experiences and memories which I wanted to share with you all 🙂 . These 25 days or so turned out to be a real interesting part of my life with some unexpected travel trips, playing games and sports, winning some trophies, learning lessons of life and the value of family and friends once again and how that would be to miss a life-time opportunity and what not… And of course it’s a lot.. Isn’t it? 😉

But, now that I am free and try to make out the most in the upcoming days and will try to be more regular. Will also try to bring out few more interesting things that interested me and which might interest you also. So, as usual, stay tuned!!

Big Love, T.


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