Food for thought #33

“People who only listen to their hearts usually fail. On the other hand, people who only use their heads tend to be selfish. Only the heart can make you think of others before yourself.”


“Running away is never the solution. Confront your problems. Manage them. That is the way of the warrior.”


“Misunderstandings are malignant: they spread and seep, corroding one’s mind and eating into emotions.”


“The quivering, wavering mind, Hard to guard, hard to check, The wise one makes straight, Like the bowman his shaft”


“Sow flowers, so your surroundings become garden. Don’t sow thorns; for they will prick your feet. We are all one body, whoever tortures another, wounds himself.”


Food for thought #13

“Showing does not guarantee seeing. Telling does not guarantee hearing”


“A world created based on judgement evokes rage. Life becomes a battleground, where both sides feel like victims, where everyone wants to win at all costs, where someone will always lose”


“A world created by observation evokes insight, hence affection, for we see the hunger and fear of all beings. Life becomes a performance on a stage aimed to nourish and comfort the other, while deriving nourishment and comfort from their delight”


“The wise grieve for no one: neither the living, nor the dead”


“When you live only once, the value of your life becomes the sum total of your achievements”