Life’s Bride – Groom Hunt

Yes, it’s time to reveal the story behind the divine knot that gave birth to this soul that you are very well acquainted with. It was when my mom’s mom was searching a groom for her daughter, that my dad’s dad was involved in extending the details of his search for a bride for his son. He did so to my uncle (eldest aunt’s husband) since they both shared the same ancestral village.

Grandfather got an opportunity to meet my mom during one of other aunt’s marriage which is when the right time bloom for the alliance talks. Though from a middle class background, each of the family members were in respectable positions; my dad in State Revenue Department with Grandmother  being a Government Teacher and Grandfather a Senior Technician in Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills. It was a typical South Indian natured alliance seeking and bride-groom hunting by both the sides when my uncle had discussed all the details to family members in order to take the first step of bride seeing ceremony when the groom’s side enriches themselves about the various questions they have of the bride and family. The authentic cultural phenomenon did in fact strike a chord with these two families as well.

Everyone’s soul was harmonious in having this match being endowed with the life’s best gift – marriage and so, wedding was on the cards being distributed amidst family and friends with full-fledged preparations. The wedding did see a major twist from one of the closest family members who had his own marriage booked on the day next to the one blocked by elders for my parents. The pressure on granny and all family members had been building up which in fact did not creep up in my mom’s mind and heart. When I have heard the incidents of my parent’s life, I have always revered, not Sita from Ramayan as the symbol of tolerance, but my own MOM.  The only thing that worried mom was her mom’s health and condition once after she gets married off.

The date April 6, 1988 dawned with my mom adorning her 21s and father, his 24s when the most surprising authenticity being my mom seeing her to-be husband’s face only on the day of marriage and not before. No, no photographs! No Skype connects! No Facebook! No WhatsApp! Just a word of mouth from her uncle and mom that the groom’s family’s character is as precious as a gem! Are we to thank those times or to blame the current exposure, its relative and cannot be judgmental.


My parents gifted each other a silver jubilee celebration of their togetherness which teaches me time and again that no matter how we get conversant with our partner to be, the understanding that is being developed through each other’s time and trust for one another creates a strong bond that aids in traversing life through miles together. This is something for everyone to learn and ponder with their personal choice of what life means to them.

Value of any bond should be vibrantly felt and understood through the karma of adjustments and passionate patience. Staying positive and vibrating the point of being positive with the loved ones always takes any relationship to a new level of strength to our hearts content.  A lesson that life boomerangs upon… Does it?