Positivity Personified

We meticulously learn by living examples than a well-constructed prose. Shweta is one from whom I learnt a lot or organizational and leadership skills and also the management of people. Coordinating a group of naughtier kids sounds relatively simpler when the task is to coordinate a group of youngsters. Just the mere missing innocence factor makes all the difference. One of the most important lessons learned during the training sessions at Madhya Pradesh.

Having an enriching experience of coordinating and organizing cultural and tech fests at school and college made me under estimate the skills required to arrange for a cultural event at the training session. I realized that not all approach any of the concepts portrayed with the same level of thought or acceptance. We have had ego clashes of ranks and thereby the listening / acknowledgement to a junior ranked thought by the senior one was shaky. When everyone is small, they carry with them the innocence; and as we grow up ego and pride overtakes every step of ours thereby making the innocence to be vanished off in the atmos.

When I was undergoing pain areas during this cultural organization, Shweta extended her psychological favor that uplifted me of my own thoughts and understanding of people’s mind. How we react and respond to any situation that blooms up is within our reach. Shweta has an administrative brain along with a diplomatic aura that keeps her shining from the crowd. She is simple, yet powerful. She is gentle, yet very positive.

I have also learned from her that losing temper will not take me anywhere with the milestones being ahead of me. Yes, I for one could be stripped off being angry for the toll of situations. But Shweta analyzes it well and plays her coins in such a way that she doesn’t allow herself to be angry of anything or anyone. She is an administrative aspirant that sinks in with patience and the right move at the right time, which is given a cent percent credit from my end.

One should not correct others by being a good leader. A good leader is one that will live by example and motivate to correct oneself by hunting through the journey within the self. Life’s most valuable lessons are better learned by the self than preached by external sources. She is one of a kind, especially for me. She became my pillar of strength. Shweta managed to hold the pillars high along with my parents who are doing it for me. She leaves me in awe to resonate her qualities of being simple, jovial, loving and caring, yet with an impactful intelligence!

Though I have my roots with a family that has cuddled administrators, lawyers, doctors and engineers; it is from Shweta that I associate my administrative skills. This way she turned to be my God Mother during my march for the civils preparations. As we became close, my doubts on how could anything be unconditional in this life kept springing up. Since there could be an emotional movement when the closeness if felt, but over time, I have always felt and believed that it will fade. Change is the constant law of nature.

What changes crept in between our deeply rehearsed relation of the mind? Stay Tuned…


The Bond – so strong…

The feeling of oneness did make its way in. Though I stay far from my home, Shweta never let me feel I was lonely as she became my other mom! She turned to be a guide, like my dad; best buddy, like my brother; above all a best companion with a friend in her! She made me feel complete even though my completeness remained to be my family. She became my family as she was very comfortable in sharing her thoughts and opinions with me, than others.

I did not get to judge her since I knew it wasn’t the right way for anyone, but she resembled my mom in all that she committed herself to. The patience from deep within, the compassion and empathy running in her veins and nerves, the wit and charisma that she carries gliding through situations to tackle them in the best possible way makes me echo that she is complete, just like my mom!

Though I have always cherished and liked short term relationships, than long, since the thought of what happens in case of a separation brings in lesser trauma in short lived ones; I know for sure that my mind and heart are in sync when it comes to Shweta. She has to be with me throughout for eternity, though we are not, like my family! I do not mind to think of this since the weirdest thoughts are sometimes the most practical ones (of course when emotion rules over)!

Silly fights, picking anger over Shweta, brain dumping with stories, sense of accomplishments during the training session, relishing the instant noodle cooking, and the women talk, bunking yoga sessions – the trip down the memory lane is as inspiring as the relationship was woven together. A college life relived! Shweta is not very close to anyone else than Anshika and I. Many a time I have given it a thought that it could be because of me – I have not given her the time and space to mingle with other members of the group. With a blink of an eye, months rolled by when it was time for all of us to move to Delhi. She was based out of Delhi too. Anshika, Rohan, Shweta and I headed to Delhi on Apr 22, 2015. This was for the next course of our training. It was a big change to adapt – from the greener pastures to the most concrete jungle. Shweta was allowed to visit home during the weekends (a consolation). During the training sessions she wasn’t allowed to since the rule was for everyone to stay in the hostel accommodation provided.

There came the first weekend that we had to stay apart when Shweta visited home. I tried to keep myself occupied with a few tasks passed on by Shweta, like book reviews for example! Did I ever realize that this change and loneliness is going to stick on to be a permanent one? No, I have not! There could be no reason why we will be together even post the training session and this could be one of those rehearsals that we need to get used to, than blame. The phase, altogether a different one, is having a new aroma. Let us wait with patience to inhale it deeply!!!

Welcome to “PARADISE INN” :)


It was an ideal base camp. The leveled ground is elevated and safe from the flowing river one side and is protected well on the other side by the Alpine vegetation consisting of pines and silver fir. There were no human settlements downstream and has lots of empty space for all other activities. From here, one could see the vast, mirror-flat sheets of snow reflecting the mist peaks of the mountains. Our base camp is well connected with the roads and main center. And there is our “PARADISE INN”! 🙂 🙂

Well, don’t think that the Paradise Inn is a resort on the valley side or a luxurious room in a star hotel. It is our cute little, cozy tent erected just beside the river side. Oh Yeah! Why only a home or a resort should be named, why can’t be a tent which is going to be our home for the next few days? Logic right 😉 It is the most beautiful amongst all the things present there. Here on this beautiful valley of flowers – Yumthang!


Thank you dear Stan for the wonderful name! Paradise Inn, as the name itself suggests, is truly a paradise, a paradise full of wonderful angelsStanzin2, Gaicham, Asha and Shweta. This small yet beautiful tent truly turned out to be my home with the presence of my sibling-friend Shweta and other dear friends. Though am away from my family, this tent never made me miss them, and justified the saying “Friends and family makes a trip more beautiful”.


Paradise Inn, though not much big, can accommodate six people easily. And it was quite simple. It has a monstrous mouth 😀 , two ventilators, a pole in the middle which has a 12 watt CFB fixed to it and works only from the evening till the morning. I realized how beautiful this world is, though we are away from our homes, we are not missing our families too much, we are carefree and stress free as there was no beeping phones and complicated gadgets with us. What all we do is just eat, roam around, learn things, enjoy the nature, and spend some quality time with friends. How simple life was all of a sudden! True, life is always simple; it’s only us who makes it complicated.


After dancing around the camp fire till the time we get exhausted, we had our dinner and retired to bed. Our beds were also simple. It comprised of our ground sheet, carry mat, a blanket and a sleeping bag with the inner. Though the temperature out was somewhere around 2 degrees, we managed to keep ourselves warm by zipping up in our sleeping bags and woolens.


It was around 12.30 am in the morning when it started to snow. And, we were up the whole night to keep our tent safe by removing off the heavy snow that was accumulating over it. A restless night!

What’s gonna happen next? Just watch!!


Shweta & I


WhatsApp alarmed with a message to which my eyes were surprise – “I am Happy with you”. Another one beeped while the first one was being relished and digested “Stay the way you want… But got to stay here with me only…” probably I was resonating on the fact that she is the first person from whom I have heard such words making me feel wanted!

Simple messages made me feel so contended?  One may ask what was so special, that made me feel very exceptional? When many a time I feel not so related from others because of the way I perform or want things to be performed, this one added a special feather to my hat. I win my arguments and choose my style of gliding through situations which has what has kept me aloof from the crowd and which has what surprised me when the intonation came from Shweta. Within 10 days she had adjudged that she likes me and that she wanted me to stay the way how I was.

A subject like this doesn’t easily grab my conclusion because of my many experiences in the past that has left a salty savor on relationships. The business of emotions had been much bought and sold but not the one researched and understood amidst people whom I have known. Brain and Mind functions in a simple manner unless rubbed upon by the science of relationships and feelings.  When in my typical argument over texts with her on why I should be sticking on to this one person only instead of searching my soul mate as I always wanted to, her response stole my heart – Soulmate”; “Isliye” (meaning, soulmate, that is why!)

There could be many a differences that set us apart, after all, any relationship strengthens through the understand of differences than similarities. She has the ability to read people’s mind which is yet to be eternally gifted with. She analyzes all circumstances with their pros and cons weighing upon the next set of actions from her end, which I am yet to handshake with life. Checking on a balanced state of mind is her natural tendency, when I get typically emotional given a chance. Two different characters, state of mind, maturity and thoughts, came together on the balance of friendship to learn from each other.

Agreements between the topics of conversation is hard to come by between both of us since each of us have difference of opinions; but the thought process unites us amidst those differences that gambles. Change is an inevitable law of nature. In the Supremes’ karma of taking this relationship further, the yet to come threads will reveal the support that she has been and the making of a better person within me through Shweta with the friendship strides that we have sailed together. The barn of yarn will be spun soon…

Shweta – The admiration

This girl then went for a change and appeared in a more cute pink and blue colored frock gliding through her knees and the transformation in less than a few minutes from a traditional attire to a more convincing modern one never let me took my eyes off! Though we did not speak much but retired to our beds a little earlier as a preparation for the training sessions from the next day. Yes in Madhya Pradesh!

It was the next day that taught me that Shweta is very modern with a bit of reservations and manners. We were getting ready to attend the induction by Principal, other Faculty Members and Chief Guests. The ice breaking session towards the end of day introduced all of the batch mates to each other, not quite well being the first day, but a foundation well laid. The session went well even when Shweta and I did not get to discuss anything much.

Another surprise as I thought to me was Shweta, I and Ashika dee were in the same section. Shweta and I got along very well as days passed by and we bunked in with the usual routine of classes and physical exercises. It was March 5th 2015 evening when we were teasing other with salutations that we like to respect each other with. My turn to Ashika was with a ‘dee’ (elder sister). Then it was the much awaited combo Shweta and I. The only word that my brain skimmed through in less than a nano-second was that of a “soul-mate”. Yes! I see a million eyes popping. Not in any wrong intentions though. To me, a soul mate need not necessarily be your life partner. A sibling, a friend, a mom, a dad, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, relations might vary but a soul-mate is one in whom you not just find solace in but the root of your emotional journey sprouts. That is what Shweta is for me.

The next day started routing the first few Whatsapp messages between the both of us. Though I used to write down, literally this has been the first time I have exchanged some of my emotions through actual texts. It was made very special since it was for Shweta. The specialty was her character, attributes and emotions as seen by me were described in black and white and I could feel the happiness in her face. There was nothing meant to impress but they were truthful feelings felt and conveyed. Expressions at the right time get you those well-deserved Brownie points, according to me!

Though I was very hesitant in getting close to anyone in my life again beyond that point when I joined the induction owing to politically bad past experiences, I did not think a word of this expression as how it sprang and rooted deeply. Hesitations were torn apart..!


Shweta – The First Meet & Impression


Travelling down my memory lane rejuvenates not just us but the bond as well. A chilly winter evening in Madhya Pradesh where I reported a day before the joining for the Training to adjust and equip myself with known acquaintances indeed proved to be worthy of the stay. A huge room neatly packed with 4 beds and study table-chair combos was allocated and it took me by my surprise for the quality of it. The place is not going to be completely new since I have known the fact that many of my friends are into the same batch as well.

I have been a very easy going person that gets attached without many reservations until a few instances have sunk in a change to restrict myself from getting closer and not trusting everyone blindly. I had never known that one of this day’s meet the previous year would again turn me into that colorful canvas had always been earlier. Another occupant to the room was my batch mate and I was eager to meet the rest of the two and what destiny unravels with it since as roommates we get to share a lot outside of the training hours! Feb 22, 2015 when we were approaching our room back from the dine area, found a girl that was lost (as though in the woods) in a probable dine search. Though she never questioned, my direction to her was “first right and then left”. I did not recollect completely on how she looked since it was dark and the way was lit with neon lights.

Back in the room when conversing with other friends, a girl in denim entered in a hurry. I was a silent spectator of the hurry, giggling to myself about her occupying the bed just opposite to mine. No formal introductions then with Anshika ‘dee’ walking in her style. The next lady to walk in was a chiseled structure with a dozen bangles on either hand, vermillion streak on the forehead, in a salwar kameez and dupatta! I recollected that she was the one whom I directed to the dine area. It’s hard to take our eyes off this steady lady that progressed owing to the enticing eyes! There is much more than the smile on her face that decorates her that attracted me towards her and her principles.

Though I am not a person to judge, I did eventually get into that mode with this lady and had a smile of my own correlating her with the training that we are into. It demands us to train us of our physique and mind, brawn and brain, very keenly with harder concentration, dedication and commitment. I did end up in a hearty laugh distinguishing a barren land versus an agricultural one, just as an example on how much they vary in their core principle itself! But never let Shweta notice this one, hopefully! She was courteous to wave hello and we responded as well.

She wrapped up a quick call probably with her hubby and mom commenting on the accommodation being better than what she thought and of the washroom being satisfying (sorry for the unconscious over-hearing). The first impression of the ‘traditional girl’ – well my first impression and opinion, never had a spec of thought that will change drastically and dramatically over the days to come.

Stay tuned to know more…

Life indeed is a bundle of surprises, challenges, problems, and eventually Solutions!!

“The true Hot and Sour Flavor of my life – Shweta”

Oh Yea, that rings a bell deep in our stomachs with the flavors of spice and sour and the aroma from vegetables with melting cheese! I know it does and so it does to me when I think of Shweta – the person whom I consider as one of the wonder filled woman of my life. The unseen connection, an invisible emotional factor was felt when we first met during my training and the bond continues strong as our background matches up and the quest for Civil Services tied the knot even stronger! I believe her capacity to handle things differently and with maturity have been cascading from being the elder most of the siblings which helps me a lot in turn! Being the eldest myself, I take an upper hand with her because of her well molded maturity! “Right and then first left” were my directions to her on our first short meet without knowing that it will end with directing our lives!

What drew me closer to Shweta was her dedication to tasks that concludes with no less than perfection, not letting her ‘newly wedded bliss’ emotional  tag overrule her practical passion towards Civil Services and its Training. When it comes to her planning, I take a step back to admire not just her targets but also the steps to target and plan. She considers targets as a totality and does not delineate it in any angle. She spins herself 360 degrees to think it through and plan, which probably drives her to the perfection mark! I feel we have a lot in common and can connect to very easily. The entrepreneurial spirit that burns within will keep the health competition leaping forward. Our thoughts and the thought processes are connected, not virtually, but extra sensory’ly, if I can term it so!

Than just drawing closer to each other, I draw a Himalayan strength from her and her abilities and consider myself blessed for having met her in life. While I use moments to take a decision and minutes to act upon it, she considers it holistically and then spends the required amount of time to decide and act. A learning-1 for me! My mind, when it doesn’t listen to me, it does to Shweta, that though becomes a canny interval at times (pun intended), and helps me calm down, not just to emerge as a winner externally, but as a winner-of-the-self! She has shown me the path of a leader, and not just a winner or a successful person. To lead is to effectively lead yourself and many others, while winning is self-centralized!  She has been and will continue to be the perseverance factor behind my Civil Services preparation, by enlightening my projects and ideas.

‘Thank You’ doesn’t seem the phrase to be even though a heart full of wishes and prayers go out to Shweta at this very moment (Oh yea, The Lord Jesus and Shweta’s b’day falls on the same day). I will do my best to make her proud and also dedicate whatever small I could to her and her efforts! Hats Off!

Many more Happy returns of the Day dear !!