Nature at it’s best!


Though it was a restless night, the early morning view of the nature, made us forget our restlessness and rejuvenated us in turn. It was an awe-struck moment to watch the entire land covered with milky white powdery snow, the verglass formed on the river, the green pines turning out white with the snow over their leaves and needles, entire mountain ranges looking like big cones of ice-creams and the colorful prayer flags with that white background!


The snow-fall is going on. For most of our group members, this might be the first time seeing it snow and everyone was so excited. Everyone started enjoying the snowfall, clicking some good shots in various poses, while few of the others kept on removing the snow that was being accumulated over their tents so that they won’t collapse 😀


It was freezing cold and we were instructed to assemble to perform a puja. As per the Indian tradition, when we set up a base camp, a ritual is performed to invoke the spirits of nature and local deities to safeguard us from all sorts of calamities.


Once done with that, we started carving snowmen, decorating them with different things which we can gather, in fact that was a competition to see who’z gonna carve the best snowman 🙂 We played, danced, we are one big family now! As it was snowing continuously, there is nothing much to do. But, there was a good session on survival techniques. We learnt different things like preparing our food, collecting water in difficult situations, constructing out shelters. We had a hands-on too! 🙂DSC_0072

Uhh..This is life! Far away from the materialistic world and the concrete jungles, listening to the music not on tapes or DVD players, but from the flowing streams and blowing wind, enjoying a meal with friends sitting on the grass on a river side, singing and dancing not caring about what others may think; as if we were again into our childhood phase, replacing the mobiles and other complicated gadgets with simple cameras and torches. Life is so simple and beautiful 🙂 We were totally out of this world. Ain’t we?