Food for thought #7

“One should have faith in one’s friends and family and not let one harsh word break the bond of trust”


“Insulting the other destroys the other’s emotional body; praising oneself destroys one’s intellectual body”


“A decision taken to please the ego turns out to be dear in the long run”


“As events unfold, one realizes there is a huge gap between the intention and the implementation”


“The gap between ‘what is mine’ and ‘what is not mine’ is an artificial construct, not a natural phenomenon that is created and can be destroyed by the human mind”

Food for thought #6

“Accept that infinite occurrences of the universe cannot be fathomed by the finite human mind”


“Do not surrender to a situation that nurtures the ego”


“When contrasted against infinity, every moment of life, howsoever wonderful or miserable, is reduced to zero”


“The purpose of life is to grow – materially, intellectually and emotionally”


“When angry, all rules collapse, all good sense vanishes and the beast of vengeance takes over”

Food for thought #5

“The divide between him and his, me and mine, what one is and what one has, is the difference between seeking the soul and being satisfied with matter”


“Vengeance will never take away sorrow. It will breed more anger”


“If one know the world as it truly is, one would be in bliss at any moment”


“What is a man’s true identity: the temporary flesh or the permanent soul?”


“Refusal to accept the flow of the world is the root of all misery”

Food for thought #4

“The truth resides not in the forest, but in one’s heart”


“More than magical powers, it is a true insight into the workings of the world that gives us peace of mind”


“Wisdom takes away all desire for vengeance and fills one with peace”


“Desire is the root of creation. Thus desire plays an important role in shaping the future as does destiny”


“Life’s chariot has two wheels – desire and destiny. One can depend on one or both”

Food for thought #2

“An act of vengeance will achieve nothing but create a spiral of vendetta. Find it in your heart to forgive”


“In life, there are situations that we cannot win, no matter what happens”


“Bliss comes when love is shared with all”


“Mighty brawn is no match for a nimble brain”


“Do not judge people without knowing their story. Even the worst of the villains has a story that perhaps explains their actions, without condoning them”