KL01 – Band with classical touch..

Today’s band is KL01. It is a band from Trivandrum and was set off in 2009 as a collaboration of two extinct bands. The line up consists of Anand Amarnath – Vocal/Guitar, Sharat Menon – Lead Guitar, Bass – Brian Fernandez and Drums by Ananthapadmanabhan. They are into progressive rock, folk and metal too.


It’s more crowded than yesterday, might be because it’s a local band and many might have already known about it. I could see that the crowd is more cheerful than yesterday and the youngsters were shouting in support of the band. The band started the day with a progressive rock number and moved to a Malayalam song which was their own composition.


The crowd cheered up as it was in their native language and later they continued with few more Malayalam songs which were again their own compositions. What I could see is that it’s mostly a fusion; a fusion of classical music, progressive rock and sometimes folk. The music was soothing, not so heavy yet not so low. But, as we progressed, the music got a bit heavy with “Open Car” a song by the band “The Porcupine Tree”, which they said that it’s the band’s most favorite one!


Although all the members of the band gave their best performances, it is the drummer Ananthapadmanaban who won the most number of hearts among the crowd. He really nailed few songs with his breathtaking performance and at one instance the crowd shouted for a solo performance from him. The most unique feature of this band is they didn’t leave behind the origins of music and they carried the classical touch forward.


While yesterday, the Segments sang some English tracks, the KL01 sang some Malayalam, English and a mix of both the songs, mostly their own compositions and which are of the themes like getting lost in love and choosing music as career or going in search of music. And I guess this is one of the reasons, why the band has got so much following among the youngsters. The once more shouts are enough to say how their music was and I would really love to see more of their performances in the near future.

P.S : Can watch the live stream @ http://www.seaindia.in from 07.00 pm.