Wandoor – The Gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Day 5:

It’s weekend! I was up and about by 5.30 am only to find all the gals still snuggled in their blankets. I decided to be nice and let them wake up by themselves. Got downstairs to check what was going on there. My aunt was already up and the maid is helping her in the household chores. Wished her a very good morning and she was surprised to see me awake so early 😉

They both were engaged in preparing our food and all, from which I sensed that it’s going to be a big day for us. My friends took their sweet time to wake up and we all got ready. Today uncle is home, and we came to know that it’s time for a good drive down south to a place called Wandoor and he is going to join us.

Wandoor is a small village near the southern tip of South Andaman and is around 29 kms from Port Blair. It is well connected to Port Blair with a very scenic, well-paved road. There is bus service from Port Blair to Wandoor, we didn’t try though and the journey won’t be that bad I guess as the roads are in a good condition. The road journey was perfect! The route is surrounded by lush green trees of coconuts and plantations and there are many agricultural research farms of ICAR too.


We stopped at Sippighat just to have a break from our ride and also to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Wandoor beach is located approx. 1 km after the marine park office. Soon we were at Wandoor beach which is picturesque; the vastness of the ocean and beautiful islands adding to its’ charm! Water is clean and the beach is quite for swimming. There are lot of natural caves, formed over decades, probably carved by fierce high tides that surround the beach.


The beach is an ideal one to sit and relax. It is full of rocks on one side and a lot of algae on the other. Also there were many boards warning about the frequent sightings of crocodiles. There used to be a crocodile sanctuary and it got destroyed because of the Tsunami. Over a chat with the locals, we learnt that there came a lot of changes in the beach after the Tsunami.


It was around 12.30 pm when started from there and we moved ahead of the place and found another stretch of beach which is far more serene and we settled down there for our lunch which my aunt has neatly packed. Once done with our lunch we headed back to Port Blair and stopped at Corbyn Cove’s beach, a local beach in Port Blair.


Teeming with people and encircled by lush green coconut palms, the Corbyn’s Cove is one of the busiest beaches in the Andaman Islands. It is ideal for sea bathing and sun-basking. The restaurants in the Corbyn’s Cove Tourism Complex provide a wide variety of sea water activities and some good food. We played in the beach for some time and returned home 🙂 🙂


Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park basically includes a group of islands around Wandoor, designated as a national park to protect the flora and fauna of that area including the marine life and coral reefs. Joully Buoy Island which is very near to Wandoor and is open only for 6 months in a year and we missed an opportunity of visiting it!

It’s going to be lot more interesting tomorrow 😉