Positivity Personified

We meticulously learn by living examples than a well-constructed prose. Shweta is one from whom I learnt a lot or organizational and leadership skills and also the management of people. Coordinating a group of naughtier kids sounds relatively simpler when the task is to coordinate a group of youngsters. Just the mere missing innocence factor makes all the difference. One of the most important lessons learned during the training sessions at Madhya Pradesh.

Having an enriching experience of coordinating and organizing cultural and tech fests at school and college made me under estimate the skills required to arrange for a cultural event at the training session. I realized that not all approach any of the concepts portrayed with the same level of thought or acceptance. We have had ego clashes of ranks and thereby the listening / acknowledgement to a junior ranked thought by the senior one was shaky. When everyone is small, they carry with them the innocence; and as we grow up ego and pride overtakes every step of ours thereby making the innocence to be vanished off in the atmos.

When I was undergoing pain areas during this cultural organization, Shweta extended her psychological favor that uplifted me of my own thoughts and understanding of people’s mind. How we react and respond to any situation that blooms up is within our reach. Shweta has an administrative brain along with a diplomatic aura that keeps her shining from the crowd. She is simple, yet powerful. She is gentle, yet very positive.

I have also learned from her that losing temper will not take me anywhere with the milestones being ahead of me. Yes, I for one could be stripped off being angry for the toll of situations. But Shweta analyzes it well and plays her coins in such a way that she doesn’t allow herself to be angry of anything or anyone. She is an administrative aspirant that sinks in with patience and the right move at the right time, which is given a cent percent credit from my end.

One should not correct others by being a good leader. A good leader is one that will live by example and motivate to correct oneself by hunting through the journey within the self. Life’s most valuable lessons are better learned by the self than preached by external sources. She is one of a kind, especially for me. She became my pillar of strength. Shweta managed to hold the pillars high along with my parents who are doing it for me. She leaves me in awe to resonate her qualities of being simple, jovial, loving and caring, yet with an impactful intelligence!

Though I have my roots with a family that has cuddled administrators, lawyers, doctors and engineers; it is from Shweta that I associate my administrative skills. This way she turned to be my God Mother during my march for the civils preparations. As we became close, my doubts on how could anything be unconditional in this life kept springing up. Since there could be an emotional movement when the closeness if felt, but over time, I have always felt and believed that it will fade. Change is the constant law of nature.

What changes crept in between our deeply rehearsed relation of the mind? Stay Tuned…

Shweta – The First Meet & Impression


Travelling down my memory lane rejuvenates not just us but the bond as well. A chilly winter evening in Madhya Pradesh where I reported a day before the joining for the Training to adjust and equip myself with known acquaintances indeed proved to be worthy of the stay. A huge room neatly packed with 4 beds and study table-chair combos was allocated and it took me by my surprise for the quality of it. The place is not going to be completely new since I have known the fact that many of my friends are into the same batch as well.

I have been a very easy going person that gets attached without many reservations until a few instances have sunk in a change to restrict myself from getting closer and not trusting everyone blindly. I had never known that one of this day’s meet the previous year would again turn me into that colorful canvas had always been earlier. Another occupant to the room was my batch mate and I was eager to meet the rest of the two and what destiny unravels with it since as roommates we get to share a lot outside of the training hours! Feb 22, 2015 when we were approaching our room back from the dine area, found a girl that was lost (as though in the woods) in a probable dine search. Though she never questioned, my direction to her was “first right and then left”. I did not recollect completely on how she looked since it was dark and the way was lit with neon lights.

Back in the room when conversing with other friends, a girl in denim entered in a hurry. I was a silent spectator of the hurry, giggling to myself about her occupying the bed just opposite to mine. No formal introductions then with Anshika ‘dee’ walking in her style. The next lady to walk in was a chiseled structure with a dozen bangles on either hand, vermillion streak on the forehead, in a salwar kameez and dupatta! I recollected that she was the one whom I directed to the dine area. It’s hard to take our eyes off this steady lady that progressed owing to the enticing eyes! There is much more than the smile on her face that decorates her that attracted me towards her and her principles.

Though I am not a person to judge, I did eventually get into that mode with this lady and had a smile of my own correlating her with the training that we are into. It demands us to train us of our physique and mind, brawn and brain, very keenly with harder concentration, dedication and commitment. I did end up in a hearty laugh distinguishing a barren land versus an agricultural one, just as an example on how much they vary in their core principle itself! But never let Shweta notice this one, hopefully! She was courteous to wave hello and we responded as well.

She wrapped up a quick call probably with her hubby and mom commenting on the accommodation being better than what she thought and of the washroom being satisfying (sorry for the unconscious over-hearing). The first impression of the ‘traditional girl’ – well my first impression and opinion, never had a spec of thought that will change drastically and dramatically over the days to come.

Stay tuned to know more…

Life indeed is a bundle of surprises, challenges, problems, and eventually Solutions!!