Food for thought #36

“There are no great acts. There are only small acts done with great love.” – Mother Teresa

” Without the rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar.” – Emerson

“The means to gain happiness is to throw out for oneself like a spider in all directions an adhesive web of love, and to catch in all that comes.” – Tolstoy

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.” – David Satrr Jordan

” The end of man is an action and not a thought, though it were the noblest.” – Thomas Carlyle

Food for thought #32

“And because I love this life, I know I shall love death as well”     – Rabindranath Tagore


“Darkness travels towards light, but blindness towards depth”     – Rabindranath Tagore


“Man has in him the silence of the sea, the noise of the earth, and the music of the air”   – Rabindranath Tagore


“Like a cut diamond that needs the light of the sky to show itself, the human soul on its own cannot express its essence, and remains dark. Only when it reflects the light from something greater than itself, does it comes into its own”     – Rabindranath Tagore.


“Often the poor have more nobility in them than the actual nobility.”

Food for thought #20

“In the cycle of nature there is no such thing as victory or defeat: there is only movement”    – Manuscript found in Accra


“Only he who gives up is defeated. Everyone else is victorious”   – Manuscript found in Accra


“Defeat comes when we fail to get something we very much want” 


“It is in the realm of love that we first fight our battles – and generally lose”


“If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself”

Food for thought #11

“The child of a great man need not be a great man; greatness is not transmitted through the generations. Every man ultimately makes or destroys his own legacy”


“Life would continue, with joys and sorrows, triumphs and tragedies, rising and falling like the waves of the sea. It is up to us to respond wisely, enjoy simple pleasures unshaken by the inevitable endless turmoil of the world”


“Only when there is undiluted compassion for everyone, even our worst enemies, is ego truly conquered”


“The point of existence is not to accumulate merit, but to attain wisdom”


“Conflict comes from rage, rage comes from fear, and fear comes from lack of faith”

Let me be there where….

The rich loves the poor…

The poor will never be disowned…

There are no atrocities against the vulnerable..

There is compassion for the downtrodden…

Are no fights among people of various religions…

Are no races behind wealth and power…

There is no hatred among the human kind…

There is no agony and suffering…

There are no tears of anguish and pain…


There is freedom of mind…

The desire doesn’t blinds the mind with delusion…

The mind is without fear and the head is held high…

The knowledge is free…

Words come out from the depth of truth…

There is pure love and friendship…

They never venture to leave me alone…

They try to love me and hold me secure by all means…

The world has not been broken up into fragments…

The human links are complete and unbreakable…

The world is full of joys but not sorrows…

The world is filled with assurance…

Love, T.

MOM – Resilience personified

The ultimate goal of living a life of togetherness between two people, who are different in their thoughts, opinions, way of articulating situations, values of life, way of living, commitment to adjust with others; is to find the inner meaning of a relationship that’s eternal, a relationship that pronounces two individuals as bonded through the institution of marriage. It is very easy to break and withdraw cash from a fixed deposit, but the years of recurring that has gone into this fixed account is invaluable when compared to the final cash on hand. So is the relationship between a husband and a wife. A mere law could give a formal / legal separation, but the years of bonding in keeping it together is certainly not worth a rash second of a separation thought.

After two years of successful marriage, my mom gave birth to the girl who is narrating it to you now! Yes, the one and only me! Along with me, they also had a baby boy, my younger brother that made the family a complete one. If you feel that’s complete enough, we all did not! There was another bundle of joy to decorate these relationships – that’s Juicy, our pet dog! She joined after 2 years of my brother’s birth and was watched by everyone, especially mom,who looked after her just as an individual member of the family. One of my fondest memories is of my mom feeding my baby brother and Juicy with baby food – cereal during the nights when they both used to cry and then make them sleep one on each side of my mom and dad and alternate after a while. It was a perfect home.

My MOM’s love has always been like an oceanlimitless and endless with her patience level reaching for the skies. She has learned to be resilient and independent over the years. She knows to paint, design dresses, a perfect chef in all aspects – being a master of everything that she learns and practices – has always been with utmost interest, satisfaction, perfection and enthusiasm. My grandmother will definitely have the sigh of relief of upbringing her daughter in a way that has been always revered!

Anything that’s going so well will also be tested by the Supreme. When I was around 7-8 years, a strong wave hit us to test. Mom was diagnosed with Typhoid, Malaria and a brain fever, when we were too young to understand the situation. She gradually recovered over a month and we were relieved that she will be home with all of us. Grandmother took care of us when mom was away. When we feel dreadful about the situation we were into, my MOM constantly resonated on the faith that nothing can take us away from her. A mom gives everything in the world when it comes to loving her children unconditionally. Realizing that mothers are the living goddess on earth as the Supreme blessed the Mother Earth with!

As our mothers spend time with us, it becomes equally our responsibility, especially as we grow up, to spend quality time with them. Giving back a portion of unconditional love to our parents can exceptionally bring in flowery moments between the families. It is never too late to extend a warm hug to our MOM and just whisper in her ears that you too love her..!..

The Qualifying Character


… It was a decisive day for me… Yes, my pain had overridden my conscience and I had to decide between the trek and my pain. A portion of my mind was with me to carry the trek forward without abandoning it after the first step, but a strong another quarter was deeply worried about the injured leg as I was barely able to move ahead, in a literal sense. Neetha gave me the support and push I lacked from within. She was literally my backbone of the trek that day and far ahead. She kept a watch on me consciously as I was juggling through the pain pinch and the trek.

The concept of Mother India (MoIn) originated from this trek since the rest of the members started iterating the fact that Neetha was care taking just like a way a mother would do to her kid. I relished that attention from a very close soul which I admired the most (still do!)

It was the final day of our felicitation when we came to know of our guide Pemba’s story. Pemba is a young boy from the Sherpa community and the sole supporter of his family in the absence of his father. He has remained to be an inspiration not just for me but many others who have gotten to know about him and his experience through the journey of life.When we (almost around 40 of us) heard his story, everyone was sympathetic but Neetha couldn’t control it on her tears. She left us all behind, shutting off her doors to be solace. Later once she could console herself, she came out to address the boy as her own younger brother.

Neetha is in constant touch with Pemba even today and the boy is all in praise of her sister when we both speak. This nature of Neetha has always made her special to me! When I think of these days when we all rush against the pillars and posts and leave behind no time for ourselves, these memories overtake as they are not so long in the past. We are in an era where love, affection and care if not expressed and extended will become extinct and take its place in the labs and museums.

Neetha and I had to bid adieu to each other as well, as it was the final day of our trek and I was heading towards my place and she her uncle’s place Kurseong. No heavy thoughts and emotional drama! A small sigh of touch from her end, and a warm hug from mine were extended when our minds did not think to see when our paths would cross again!

It used to be just a few simple text messages and not even WhatsApp or FB since MoIn had a basic version of mobile for texts and calls. Am a quick responder to texts or pings or calls, but she isn’t which sometimes pushed me off the pace since my texts if not responded, the calls would go unnoticed as well. This was because of the fact that she is far from the e-era of communication. She was (and is) closer to her heart’s era of “living the simple life”!

Don’t you want to know how this woman is expecting calls or texts from me these days when my phone goes silent, knowingly or unknowingly? Stay Tuned to relish the spice…

Life’s Bride – Groom Hunt

Yes, it’s time to reveal the story behind the divine knot that gave birth to this soul that you are very well acquainted with. It was when my mom’s mom was searching a groom for her daughter, that my dad’s dad was involved in extending the details of his search for a bride for his son. He did so to my uncle (eldest aunt’s husband) since they both shared the same ancestral village.

Grandfather got an opportunity to meet my mom during one of other aunt’s marriage which is when the right time bloom for the alliance talks. Though from a middle class background, each of the family members were in respectable positions; my dad in State Revenue Department with Grandmother  being a Government Teacher and Grandfather a Senior Technician in Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills. It was a typical South Indian natured alliance seeking and bride-groom hunting by both the sides when my uncle had discussed all the details to family members in order to take the first step of bride seeing ceremony when the groom’s side enriches themselves about the various questions they have of the bride and family. The authentic cultural phenomenon did in fact strike a chord with these two families as well.

Everyone’s soul was harmonious in having this match being endowed with the life’s best gift – marriage and so, wedding was on the cards being distributed amidst family and friends with full-fledged preparations. The wedding did see a major twist from one of the closest family members who had his own marriage booked on the day next to the one blocked by elders for my parents. The pressure on granny and all family members had been building up which in fact did not creep up in my mom’s mind and heart. When I have heard the incidents of my parent’s life, I have always revered, not Sita from Ramayan as the symbol of tolerance, but my own MOM.  The only thing that worried mom was her mom’s health and condition once after she gets married off.

The date April 6, 1988 dawned with my mom adorning her 21s and father, his 24s when the most surprising authenticity being my mom seeing her to-be husband’s face only on the day of marriage and not before. No, no photographs! No Skype connects! No Facebook! No WhatsApp! Just a word of mouth from her uncle and mom that the groom’s family’s character is as precious as a gem! Are we to thank those times or to blame the current exposure, its relative and cannot be judgmental.


My parents gifted each other a silver jubilee celebration of their togetherness which teaches me time and again that no matter how we get conversant with our partner to be, the understanding that is being developed through each other’s time and trust for one another creates a strong bond that aids in traversing life through miles together. This is something for everyone to learn and ponder with their personal choice of what life means to them.

Value of any bond should be vibrantly felt and understood through the karma of adjustments and passionate patience. Staying positive and vibrating the point of being positive with the loved ones always takes any relationship to a new level of strength to our hearts content.  A lesson that life boomerangs upon… Does it?

”Being Her” – The Best of My Life!

Being the best in life is always relative and hence the phrase “better than the best” was coined. Yes, being superlative is not just relative but absolute as well because of it covering an ideal scenario. Many a time it is unachievable since ‘betterment’ is a way of life. Considering this into account, I am going to do ‘my best’ to project the best part of my life. Not something that I have resorted to earlier, but something that I have lived through and experienced. Not a biography, but a cherished memory!

Projecting and sharing someone else’ influence in our lives though is a common occurrence; it takes that little step to write and preserve those memories and guidance not just for our own selves but for the generations to come. The flair to bring to light the “Three phenomenal Women of My Life” is the motto of the “Best of My Life” series, which will see a complete shift from what I have been writing on my shell subjects!

It is a small tribute that I pay to those great souls that have made me into a value-filled human being than just being a mere social animal. Another note is to value relationships in our lives and to increase not the M-vitamin value but the emotional bond-value with people around and near us. Through the relationship I share with these three women, I wish to also share with my fellow friends here, the importance and value of money in our lives, and not to treat it as a ruling factor of life, but just an option to lead lives the way it is ‘needed’ by us!

Special and unforgettable emotions that I have esteemed with these three wonder-filled women will prove that ‘Love’ conquers money and all materialistic pleasures of life. Relationships are not our ‘investment markets’. Relationships treasure the investment of each other’s time to create values, habit, emotions, love, trust, wisdom, clarity and bond the evaluation of the ‘I’ as an ultimatum of the Supreme.

To find time has become our top most priority and if we are successful, to invest it with our loved ones proves to be the toughest bet since the other goes through the same vicious cycle. To achieve this balance between relations and gain momentum takes time indeed! This series of articles will talk through the relationship that I still cherish and look back & also aim to create strides in the circle that I have gained here. It doesn’t aim to have high ending impacts, but a simple satisfaction of having ‘you’ apply simple calculations and values to treasure blood-filled relationships than paper-filled! It is not a following, but once again a sharing, prioritizing people and values over money and material.

Stay Tuned to Live through “Being Her”…….