Mumbai… Here I come :)


07.00 hrs – While the Demonetization effect is seeping into the lives of India, I was getting ready to start my masti in Maharashtra. With just a new 2000 rupee note and 10 ten rupee notes, I got into an auto rickshaw to catch the Jet Airways flight from Trivandrum to Mumbai. The practice of raising up hands if at all some one asks for extra money or change for higher denominations started from this point. Though the auto-driver switched on the meter and the bill was Rupees 98, he asked me for a hundred and twenty and I simply gave him the last 10 ten rupee notes which I had and told him if at all he needs an extra twenty he needs to give me one thousand eight hundred and eighty rupees in return. Lol! 😀 . No more arguments, the driver left without a word 😉

07.40 hrs – I was standing in a queue of two persons at the State Bank of Travancore ATM at the Domestic terminal of Trivandrum and it just took me 10 minutes to get 20 crisp hundred rupee notes and I was on cloud 9 as I have got 4000 rupees in my wallet and thought that it’s not going to be a alright in the current crisis. 09.15 – Call for boarding was given and 09.30 hrs – Boarded the flight, 09.40 hrs – The flight took off..

11.30 hrs – The flight landed at Terminal 1 of Chatrapathi Shivaji Airport of Mumbai. Just before few minutes of the landing, I could see the real life of Mumbai. The airport which is among the most classy airports in India is surrounded by a huge slum and we can get a glimpse of it throughout the landing time. And here I am – in a Cosmopolitan city, a concrete jungle which has the highest sky scrappers, a city that never sleeps – Mumbai! The airport is really classy. I had been to almost all the major airports like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata, but this one attracted me the most 🙂

11.45 hrs – Mythri and Ryan – my nephew, were waiting for me outside the airport and we left to my brother’s place which is in Andheri East. Mumbai is said to have been built on seven islands that were part of Portuguese territories and that the British received it as a part of dowry when in 1661 King Charles II married the Portuguese Catherine of Braganza. Mumbai stretches from north to south, and Mumbaikars call the south region ‘town’ while the northern part constitutes mostly of ‘suburbs’.

12.00 hrs – A friend of mine in Mumbai Ganesh, is going to take us around the city for the rest of the day. We quickly had our lunch and left @ 13.00 hrs to meet catch up with Ganesh at the Cotton Green Station. The Ola cab services is quick enough to pick us from our home and leave us at our destination.

Just wait and watch what we gonna do in the city now 😉