Mother’s Day – It’s Everyday….


Today I want to take a break from my routine writings. As the world is set to celebrate the Mother’s day, I too would like to wish all the great mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.. For me, as a child of a wonderful mother, everyday is a mother’s day though.. 🙂

When I sat on my couch thinking what should I write about my mother.. A question hit my mind. The question is Will I ever be able to write a great story or an epic which could be sweeter than the word “Mother”? Yes, the word “Mother” itself is a great epic which no other could ever beat.

As I could not write a story, I thought of singing a raga for her.. Again another question.. This time it is, Can I sing a better swara (music note) than the swara “Mother”? Isn’t it the Mother, who is the supreme swara for the song of my Soul?

While struggling about where to start and what to write.. The frame of the Almighty on my wall drew my attention. This time it’s a flow of questions and theories… Whether it is Lord Ganesha for the Hindus, or the Jesus for Christians, they too have their mothers. Even though they are Gods, they too were born by sharing an umbilical cord with their mothers. It is only a mother who can give birth to anyone. Doesn’t this mean that “Even a God must have been born from a mother’s Womb”? Then “a Mother who can only give birth to a God or to any other great mother, is THE GREATEST OF ALL”?

I think my quest is over. Finally, I found out what I should write.. I should write thanking my mom for everything..

Thank you mom.. Thank you for

                                Bringing me into this world by sharing your blood and flesh..

                                Teaching me to rise by holding my fingers..

                                Guiding me to walk in the right path always by correcting my wrong steps..

                                Searching me when you don’t hear me..

                                Wiping off my tears, when I cry..

                                Soothing me when I was in discomfort..

                                Helping me to find myself, when I was lost..

                                Blessing me to live for an eternity by saying “God Bless U”..

                                                It’s U my dear mom.. It’s U..

                                                Without U, there is no I..

                                                U r my mornings.. U r my evenings..

                                                U r my dusk.. U r my dawn..

                                                U r my success.. U r my defeat.

                                                       U r my name.. U r my fame…

                                                U r my happiness.. U r my sorrow..

                                                U r my best pal.. U r my best critique..

                                                U r my strength.. U r my weakness..

                                                U r my breath.. U r my expression..

                                                U r the happiness of my heart and mind..

                 On this Mother’s Day, what can I give my greatest mom other than saying that “If given a chance, will be born to her as the same child and always bow my head in front of her with utmost reverence”

I once again wish all the mothers A VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY..


Thank you Sushma for the wonderful doodle.. 🙂



“The true Hot and Sour Flavor of my life – Shweta”

Oh Yea, that rings a bell deep in our stomachs with the flavors of spice and sour and the aroma from vegetables with melting cheese! I know it does and so it does to me when I think of Shweta – the person whom I consider as one of the wonder filled woman of my life. The unseen connection, an invisible emotional factor was felt when we first met during my training and the bond continues strong as our background matches up and the quest for Civil Services tied the knot even stronger! I believe her capacity to handle things differently and with maturity have been cascading from being the elder most of the siblings which helps me a lot in turn! Being the eldest myself, I take an upper hand with her because of her well molded maturity! “Right and then first left” were my directions to her on our first short meet without knowing that it will end with directing our lives!

What drew me closer to Shweta was her dedication to tasks that concludes with no less than perfection, not letting her ‘newly wedded bliss’ emotional  tag overrule her practical passion towards Civil Services and its Training. When it comes to her planning, I take a step back to admire not just her targets but also the steps to target and plan. She considers targets as a totality and does not delineate it in any angle. She spins herself 360 degrees to think it through and plan, which probably drives her to the perfection mark! I feel we have a lot in common and can connect to very easily. The entrepreneurial spirit that burns within will keep the health competition leaping forward. Our thoughts and the thought processes are connected, not virtually, but extra sensory’ly, if I can term it so!

Than just drawing closer to each other, I draw a Himalayan strength from her and her abilities and consider myself blessed for having met her in life. While I use moments to take a decision and minutes to act upon it, she considers it holistically and then spends the required amount of time to decide and act. A learning-1 for me! My mind, when it doesn’t listen to me, it does to Shweta, that though becomes a canny interval at times (pun intended), and helps me calm down, not just to emerge as a winner externally, but as a winner-of-the-self! She has shown me the path of a leader, and not just a winner or a successful person. To lead is to effectively lead yourself and many others, while winning is self-centralized!  She has been and will continue to be the perseverance factor behind my Civil Services preparation, by enlightening my projects and ideas.

‘Thank You’ doesn’t seem the phrase to be even though a heart full of wishes and prayers go out to Shweta at this very moment (Oh yea, The Lord Jesus and Shweta’s b’day falls on the same day). I will do my best to make her proud and also dedicate whatever small I could to her and her efforts! Hats Off!

Many more Happy returns of the Day dear !!