Food for thought #12

“It is ironical that for all the value we give to the rational, life is primarily governed by the irrational”


“Good and bad are judgments based on human values”


“When understanding changes, values and judgments change and with them society”


“Our relationship with the other, be it a thing or an organism, and the other’s relationship with us, is what determines our humanity”


“As long as we judge, we cannot see the world for what it is; we are simply spellbound by the boundaries that we build separating those whom we consider family from those whom we consider enemy”

Food for thought #10

“In empathy, there is wisdom”


“Life is like a river. One can struggle to change its course but ultimately it will go its own way. Bathe in it, drink it, be refreshed by it, share it with everyone, but never fight it, never be swept away by its flow, and never get attached to it. Observe it. Learn from it”


“Humanity was blessed with a faculty that enabled it to empathize and exploit”


“Unlike wealth, knowledge does not outlive death, hence has to be passed on to the living so that it is not lost forever”


“The eventual collapse of an organization should not stop leaders from striving to uphold order”

What is the fight for??


Rejecting any race? Culture? or proclaiming the ideal of unity?

Untying all the human races or uniting them?

Comprehending all things with sympathy and love or rejecting everything with indifference and hatred?

Bringing about reconciliation and peace or about alienation and distress?

Restoring the bonds of friendship and love or destroying the human links and bonds?

Creating seclusion or creating Universal-ism?

Rising the sufferings, jealousy and hatred or rising the joys, empathy and love?

Giving rise to political and commercial competition or to give rise to apolitical and charitable friendship?

Saving the humankind or vanquishing the humanity?