The Sand Bar..

Day 7:


After a long and tiring journey the other day, we retired to bed a bit early and slept like hard rocks. The resort which is government-owned was comfortable enough. It was only around 6.30 we woke up just to see both our aunts ready and waiting for us to wake up and get ready for our next adventure, it’s not an adventure in the true sense though!


What is so specific about the place which we are going to visit? Why did we come on such a tiring journey so long? Is the place which we are going to visit is worth the journey? Lots of questions swirled in my mind. We quickly refreshed, had our breakfast and rushed to the Ariel Bay Jetty in Diglipur. There is a forest office at which we got the permits to visit this island. Today it’s going to be a different experience, coz we are not going to take a speed boat which we were accustomed for the past few days but we hired a ‘Dhungi’, which means a country boat.


Though I was so nervous at the beginning, I started to enjoy my ride in the Dhingi. It took us around 30 minutes to reach an island which is known as ‘Ross Island’. Don’t be confused with the Ross about which I wrote a few days back. This is yet another gem in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago with crystal clear water and a splendid beach. It was around 8.30 in the morning, and there were only a few tourists by the time we reached there, most of them sun bathing!


Soon we jumped out of the Dhungi into the waters as it has to be anchored in the water itself. I noticed another island which is very near to the Ross Island separated by the sea. We thought that we can pay a visit to the other island on our dinghi when once we were done with the Ross. There are few bamboo huts, benches as well as tree-houses on the Ross and our aunts preferred to sit and relax there, while we were out into the beach. The water here is warm, crystal clear and turquoise.


It was around 12.30 in the afternoon, when we realized how worth this tiring journey was! It was a low tide at this hour of time and a silky white sand bar surfaced up gradually and it was almost like the sea splitting up to make a way to the other island which is known as the Smith Island. It was one such wonderful sight to see the sand bar emerging which was submerged 10 feet under the water when we reached the Ross Island in the morning (high tide).


We were out onto the sand bar heading to the Smith island and the walk lasted for 20 minutes. Smith Island is entirely different from Ross. While Ross is best for activities like Sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling and Scuba diving, Smith which is bigger in size with tropical forest and inhabited, offers nature trails for trekking and hiking. These two islands which are so different in every aspect are the same when it comes to the experience they throw to their visitors.


Probably that’s the reason behind them being called as the “Twin islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands”.  We were back to our resort by 3 pm, had our lunch and relaxed for a while. Gone out for a walk in the evening, but didn’t find anything much interesting.. But I got few good memories to hold back throughout my life 🙂


Ross & Smith – An experience which is beyond description 🙂  

The Final Destination..

Day 6:

Did I reveal what’s our final destination? I didn’t right.. Just few more minutes and few more lines down, you will come to know 😉

Back in our car, we made a move further north from Baratang. Our next destination is Rangat and thanks to my aunt for arranging our lunch in a government guest house there. Rangat is around 170 kms from Port Blair by road and is a large island in Middle Andaman. The population here is primarily made up of people from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

It took us around 2 hrs to reach Rangat and the PWD guest house where our lunch has been arranged almost looked like a haunted Bungalow at the first sight. But the caretakers gave us a warm welcome and served us some good food. We finished off the lunch and resumed our journey as we still have to go a long way. Didn’t get a chance of exploring this island as we don’t have that much of time. But if one has ample amount of time with them, they should definitely explore the waterfalls and the pristine beaches of this island.

We travelled for another 70 kms and reached another low-key destination in the Northern part of Middle Andaman, which is known as Mayabunder. Though this island doesn’t offer much to the tourists, it is known for its cultural eccentricity due to the presence of Bangladesh and East Pakistan settlers, ex-convicts and a Burmese hill tribe – Karen.


Our final destination is further north and is around another 100 kms from Mayabunder. Soon we were at a creek which needs to be crossed in order to enter North Andaman from Mayabunder. Thanks to the government! In 2002 a 0.5km long bridge “Austin Bridge” was inaugurated connecting this creek. In the past, when there was no bridge, a slow ferry used to operate between the Mayabunder jetty and another small creek ‘Kalighat’ in North Andaman.


We stopped for a while here to watch the sunset over the creek and proceeded for our final destination “Diglipur”. Our stay at Diglipur is in the Turtle Resort, which is owned by the Government. It was only by 7 pm in the evening had we reached Diglipur. Though the journey was tiring, the overall experience was too good! 🙂 🙂