Food for thought #24

“Weakness is a disease and unless controlled, it spreads”


“Experience can work both ways: wisdom of years can clear eyes or cynicism blind you”


“Your duty is only to your task, to your action, not to the result of that action”     – Bhagavad Gita


“Harder the journey, higher the suffering, greater the desire for fulfillment”


“Better to do what you have been asked to do imperfectly than try to do perfectly what others have been asked to do. All work has inadequacies; even fire is enveloped by smoke”     – Bhagavad Gita

Food for thought #4

“The truth resides not in the forest, but in one’s heart”


“More than magical powers, it is a true insight into the workings of the world that gives us peace of mind”


“Wisdom takes away all desire for vengeance and fills one with peace”


“Desire is the root of creation. Thus desire plays an important role in shaping the future as does destiny”


“Life’s chariot has two wheels – desire and destiny. One can depend on one or both”