Havelock – A Natural Paradise of White beaches

Day 10:

The debate started in this way.. Should we go on the “Makruzz” – the oldest catamaran or should we hire a speedboat. Havelock Island is around 30 kms from Port Blair and a lot of catamarans operate in between the two islands throughout the day. It takes around an hour-and-a-half to reach the jetty at Havelock. But we didn’t choose the catamaran as few of our friends have sea-sickness and we were not ready to spoil our plans.


Uncle hired us a speed-boat and we set off to Havelock from the Phoenix Bay Jetty around 5.30 AM in the morning and reached the Havelock Island at 6.15 or 6.30. The ride was pretty good and we got a chance of watching some flying fishes and dolphins almost in mid-way. We tried our hands at steering wheel of the speed-boat on the rough sea at the early hours also 🙂


We booked our rooms at the Doplhin Resort which is government-owned and well-maintained. We checked-in, had our complimentary breakfast and rushed back to the Havelock Jetty. As we slipped into our speed-boat, it coughed to life and in 10 minutes we were at a white-sand beach where the sea appeared like endless shimmering blue delicate chiffon laced with sparking white forth.


The beach covered with tropical forests is calm and there were not many visitors in the early hours or by the time we reached. It was almost as if I had landed in a beach which just seemed like Maldives or Mauritius, but it is India, my own India. The blue waters which just looks like reflecting the mirror image of the blue sky was breathtaking.


The Elephanta Beach offers a wide-variety of underwater activities like snorkeling; glass-bottomed boat rides to watch corals and especially scuba-diving. We have come with our own snorkeling gear and were out into the waters to snorkel, while my uncle and his brother were swimming and my aunt was watching us sitting under the tree shade sipping the fresh coconut water sold by a vendor over the beach.


I don’t know whether the North Bay water were not that clear or is it just my snorkeling gear that was not clear, my snorkeling experience was way low when compared with that of the Elephanta. I saw few oysters opening up and closing down, colonies of colorful corals, groups of fishes and a sea snake too. Lucky me :-p . As my aunt and uncle missed this snorkeling part, we went on a ride on one of the glass-bottomed boats to watch the colourful corals once again and I tell you no matter how many times we see those, we won’t be bored 🙂 We ended up taking hundreds of photographs on the beach, in the water and on the trees 😀 😀 . After enough of snorkeling and swimming, it was time for us to wrap up and head towards another beautiful beach, not perhaps only of Havelock, but of the world too.

Stay tuned to see what happened in the second half of the day 😉 🙂