Exploring the least explored…

I hail from a state which is rarely found on a travel itinerary, and that’s a pity, for it homes some of India’s oldest history and culture. And it always makes me feel low when I see such lists. This is my attempt to bring out some hidden gems of Andhra Pradesh and also fulfilling my wish of travelling to the least explored destinations. This trip came as a surprise as one of my friend called me and asked me whether I am going to visit Anantapur during a long weekend in December, which we discussed earlier and I asked him to give me a couple of days to decide.

It took me a day to decide and here’s the outcome of that decision 🙂 . This trip is also one of my most memorable trips as I have traveled almost 2500 kms in 4 days that to only by buses (public as well as private transport)! Though I was exhausted a lot after the journey, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and feeling so happy to share this travel tale with you all 🙂 . Hope you love it and start exploring my state a bit more from now!! 🙂