Happy child- Nation’s Pride, Blossoming Lotus


Denomination – 10 Paise (Indian Coin), Released in 1979, Composition – Aluminium,  Weight – 2.29 gms. The United Nations has declared the year 1979 as the International Year of the Child and India had played a significant role in this effort. The year was observed throughout the country through advocacy and action programs directed towards the welfare of Children. The National Children’s Board headed by the Prime Minister of India approved a National Plan of Action in this year to work in the fields of child health and nutrition, education, social welfare, legislation, publicity and fund raising. With the theme of the Action plan as “Reaching the Deprived Child”, a special emphasis was laid to ameliorate the condition of children of the weaker sections of the society. India has adopted a special slogan – ‘Happy Child – Nation’s Pride’/’Bacche ki Muskan – Rashtra ki Shaan’ for the International Year of the Child. The special symbol adopted for the year depicts a boy and girl with a sun and a slate in the background, in which the sun signifies the health and strength and the slate denotes the importance of education in a child’s life.


Denomination – 20 Paise (Indian Coin), Released in 1968, Composition – Nickel Brass, Weight – 4.6 gms. The lotus is one of the most ancient and popular icons of Indian culture. In Hindu Mythology it is regarded as a symbol of purity and ultimate beauty. Accordingly, anything pretty and chaste is compared to this flower. Lotus motifs are often found in temple carvings, old palaces and ancient architecture as it is regarded as a sign of royalty. No wonder, it is regarded as the country’s national flower. The lotus grows in the slushy muddy waters of ponds and rises above the surface to bloom into a beautiful flower. Drawing from this characteristic, it is said that untouched by the impurity, man must also rise above his miseries and remain pure whatever the circumstances are. Lotus petals are so even that when water falls on them it simply rolls off. Hindu scriptures preach that sorrow and misfortune too must roll off our backs as water rolls of the lotus. This coin has a lotus in full blossom on one side while the other side hosts our national emblem.

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