Adieu Goa..


@16.00 hrs – Time to bid an adieu to Goa. While Guneet and Mythri have to catch their bus to Bangalore from Panjim, I have to board my train to Trivandrum at Madagaon station, which is like 49 kms from Calangute. We hired a cab from our resort and reached the bus station to drop Mythri and Guneet there and I proceeded to the station.

@18.00 hrs – Our cab stopped at the railway station and I entered the station which is pretty crowded with people who were returning to their places after their Christmas celebrations or the Weekend parties in Goa. While my train was at 19.00 hrs, soon there was an announcement that my train was delayed by an hour, and then two, and three.. and it came only at 12.00 hrs in the midnight. 😦

I started loitering around the station after sitting for a while and went to the only restaurant in the station and ordered a Goan Veg Thali. Though I didn’t notice much difference between a usual North Indian Thali and Goan Thali, the food was tasty and cheap too 🙂 . And the waiting continues….


@12.00 hrs – I boarded the train. Though I have only a waiting list ticket and adjusted here and there for a while, soon I found an empty berth and comforted myself. Time to plan another one 😉

Will catch you soon with another adventurous trip 🙂

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