Exploring Port Blair..

Day 9:

There is no plan of going out of Port Blair today. All of us were tired of our continuous travel and activities. All were like it’s time to sit back home and relax for sometime. It’s a lazy day; I woke up around 8 in the morning whereas few of my other friends only by 9. As there was nothing much to do, we (the ones who woke up early) thought of visiting the Radha Govinda temple which is just behind our uncle’s place. The temple is a simple contemporary one without much architecture, but it’s serene. We prayed for a while and walked back home.


While some of my friends went for a body message, few of us stayed back home and watched TV. It was around 3 PM we left home and reached the water sports complex to go out for a jet ski. The Jet ski experience here is different from that of Goa. While in Goa, they give you the ski to drive on yourself, in Port Blair a person will ride the Jet Ski while we sit back. The drive is from Port Blair to Ross Island and back. Nevertheless, it was a thrilling ride 🙂


Once we were done with it, we loitered around the beach and tried our hand at fishing. While Sahil and I were trying our hands at fishing and didn’t catch a single one, I was startled to see a Nicobarese who came later than us and walked away before us with good number of fishes in his basket. It was then I learnt that the Nicobarese are very good at fishing 🙂


It was around 4.30 PM when we reached Gandhi Park which is located at the centre of Port Blair. Built around the Diltaman tank, the park provides amusement rides, the nature trail around the lake and boating. We went on boating for a while, and then ended up playing see-saw and swinging cradles and fighting over them. Funny, isn’t it? 😉


There were various food stalls outside the park and how can we miss the pani-puris? Again there was a competition about the highest number of pani-puris one can eat. Not only this, in Port Blair, we can experience a wide variety of seafood dishes from all over the world and also dishes from North and South of India to Thai and Burmese specialties.

Later we went on for shopping. There are a plenty of shacks on the beaches and the beach markets to buy some souvenirs and get them back home along with you. From there, we went on to the Aberdeen market to buy some pearl jewelery as well as accessories made of corals, donno whether they are the originals. It was around this time when we came to know that our final year results were out and we became engineers 🙂 🙂


By the time we reached home, aunt asked us to refresh ourselves quick and come down to the dining hall. When once we were there, she gave us a surprise with a cake and celebrated our graduation day 🙂 Later uncle joined and congratulated us.  We had our dinner and went to bed early as we need to make out early tomorrow 🙂

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