On our way back..

Day 8:

Time to leave! We have seen a lot in the last two days. Now, it’s time for us to go home. We got ready, had our breakfast and dumped our bags into the Tavera and started off. The order of the positions in the Tavera didn’t change today too. Though we have to cover 300 kms today, we won’t be taking that much of time as there are no more halts on our way back. Though we wanted to visit the Mud volcanoes, we couldn’t make it out!

Most of us passed away just after moments we had started, probably because of our tiredness. It was only at the checkpost of Rangat wherein which we have to get our passes to pass the jarawa belt did we wake up to stretch our legs. Lol! We were into the afternoon convoy, I think the last but one. Today it was more exciting, as we came across not one or two Jarawas but a bunch of them over different activities.


We saw few kids playing on the roads, while the adults watching them carefully, few were out on fishing at a small stream which is passing through their territory, while some are sitting ideally. Sometimes they tried stopping our vehicle and when we asked our aunt why they were doing so, she told us few things like the tourists feeding them with the junk which they carry while passing through this belt, sometimes trying to speak with them and all.

There were incidents in which few of the Jarawas died as they were not used to salt in the food that was offered by the tourists. That was the saddest thing I have ever heard. Also aunt told us about the Sentinalese tribe, yet another most isolated tribe on the earth living in some of the remotest islands of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago and many more stories of these beautiful islands.

It was almost evening by the time we reached Port Blair. On the way to our home, we dropped at the Aberdeen Bazaar; while aunt bought some fresh vegetables, we quickly explored the bazaar and returned home.

We called it a day just after 8 pm 🙂

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