TRIVIA – Major Aircraft Attacks in India

April 11, 1955 :

          An Air India chartered Lockheed L-749A Constellation aircraft, named Kashmir Princess, was damaged in midair by a bomb explosion and crashed into the South China Sea while en route from Bombay, India, and Hong Kong to Jakarta, Indonesia. 16 of those on board were killed, where 3 were survived. The Aircraft was carrying Chinese and Eastern European delegates, mainly journalists, to the Asia-Afro Bandung Conference in Jakarta.

August 2, 1984:

          A bomb blast that demolished the arrival lounge of Madras Meenambakkam airport killing 30 people, including 24 Sri Lankans, and injuring 38 others.

June 23, 1985:

          The Air India Trans Atlantic flight 182, named Kansihka, a Boeing 747 en route from Toronto, Montreal – Mirabel International Airport to Heathrow Airport, London, continuing to Bombay exploded off the coast of Ireland that claimed the lives of all 329 passengers and crew members. Only 131 bodies were retrieved from the sea.

June 23, 1985:

          An attempt to sabotage Air India flight 301 in Tokyo Narita International Airport killed two baggage handlers, and injured four.

Dec 24, 1999:

          The Indian Airlines flight IC 814 with 174 passengers and 11 member crew on a flight from Kathmandu to Delhi was hijacked on December 24, 1999 while it was flying over Lucknow, by five Pakistani nationals, and was landed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

           Al Qaeda hijacked this plane to secure the release of Pakistani militants Maulana Masood Azhar (Pakistani), Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar (Indian) and Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh (British national of Pak origin)



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