Fascination.. Fascination.. Fascination everywhere..

But what fascinates me?? It’s none other than my mother nation “INDIA”. Yes, India fascinates me in every possible way. It might be her topography, it might be her diversity. Every minutest thing of her fascinates me.

But what is the reason behind this fascination? What else could be the reason other than this beautiful land? Yes.. the snow capped Himalayas in the North and the mighty sea waters in the south.. The beautiful Sunderbans on the east and the arid dry Thar Desert in the west.. The Evergreen forests in the North East, the beautiful beaches on the South West.. The beautiful corals in the Lakshadweeps and the mud volcanoes in the Andamans.. Everything fascinates me..

The Carnatic music of the South and the Hindustani of the North.. The Bharatnatyam of Tamilnadu.. The Kathak of Uttar Pradesh.. The Chahau dance of Odisha and the Kalbella of Rajasthan.. The Kuchipudi of Andhra and the Bihu of Assam.. The Gatka of Punjab and the Thang Ta of Manipur.. The Tamashaa of Maharashtra and the Swang of Haryana.. Everything fascinates me..


But why am I saying all these things.. Coz there is another integral part of India which fascinates me equally like the above. It’s the diverse traditions and customs of Indians. Importantly, mythology which is one of the key ingredients of this diversity. And this very mythology of India fascinates me to the hilt. And this is what this series of my blog gonna be..

Hope some of u too will be fascinated along with me 🙂

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