Meet my ‘Mo-In’ (Abbreviated name for Mother India)

Certain acquaintances in life don’t have a reason when we look forward. But they make a pristine sense when the dots are connected backward. One such meeting memory is Neetha – a young, energetic and enthusiastic woman from Bangalore that not just captured my heart but my complete family in less than a week and that’s what I believe is fate, for good! The staying together of this person had hardly been over a week till now, but she has created the deepest of the impressions in me not just by replacing my mother’s presence when she is not around, but also as a very good friend! Empathy, sympathy and integrity are the characteristics that distinguish my mom from all others and match with Neetha. They both are of the same wavelength which connects our bond.

There are very many resemblances to what ‘Mo-In’ and my Mother have gone through in their lives. Being father-less at a very young age and getting into the threshold of marriage has its own repercussions mentally which both these women have seen and experienced for their own selves. Facing all instances boldly and with all the courage in their nerves they have sailed through successfully and still confidently push it to their maximum limits.

Neetha takes the role of an elder daughter to my mother than being just my friend. She has understood the meaning and treasure of life and her way of living exemplifies that. She values people and emotions more than materials and money. She faces all problems with a vigor to resolve them since she ‘knows’ and believes that every problem has its own solution and that could be cracked under any circumstance. This character of hers amazes me and sprinkles in the strength to grow in life positively!

I have always thought relations built over short term might not last long, but she proved me wrong by constructing the mighty power bond, the knot of which took just over a week to be strengthened. It dates back to a medieval relation without much impact of technology wherein our hearts communicate with each other even without the modern signals. Yes, we connect over phone or messengers very sparsely, but have never felt the thinning of our relationship. Her action, caring attitude, resolving nature and managing with simplicity are just beyond perfection and admiration! Her support to me and my mom, as a friend, daughter and sister is being valued equally and prayed upon to last long. Such integral and mutual relations are more to be experienced than just elaborated. Thanking Neetha and Ruthwik (Neetha’s husband) profusely for the creative and lovely bond that they have extended to me and my family!

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