The most special “HER” – Yes, My MOM!

Everyone reading or glancing through this post would certainly recall and connect to this moment in their lives. Talking of your ‘MOTHER’ either to yourself or to someone else is inevitable owing to the innumerable sacrifices that she is assured to create for her family and many a time for her kids. With the Three Wonder Woman of my life, am bound to unravel the memory thread that I share with my MOM. Am sure you would appreciate it and not just stop with that, but go an extra mile to THANK your MOM for having been that resilient pillar of your life.

The best person I have ever known and been associated with – the strength and stamina that she portrays mesmerizes the vicinity around, suffering a personal loss of father during her teens, picking up of responsibilities of her siblings and mom, has always nailed in the zero difference between being a male and a female deep into my brains right from the childhood! I thank her profusely for showing me what perseverance and persistence really meant through her own way of life.

Moving away from a family of her own to create another shelter for her and her ‘new’ immediate family had been quite challenging as it always remains to be per our traditions and customs. The close to three decade relationship has rooted like the banyan tree and the family’s branches are well supported through the three lettered mantra – MOM!

The shift between family and emotions has not been gradual always but I have seen my mom handle it with peace and calmness. The serenity she has instilled in our ‘home’ is still afresh with her innumerable efforts. When the foundation of any home goes under control the pillars are stressed for morality. I have never had this experience of our home going down for values or morale!

These are external scenarios that could unleash the shackles of stress and depression. When your own body acts again and turns positive for a carcinoma breast, it is when you start seeking strength and courage externally. When my mom was undergoing deep troubles, she was the one to extend positivity, hope, radiance, strength, courage, stillness and peace in all others. I have not seen her derive her strengths from the outside; it has always been from her inside. One of the best examples of an inward journey!

It was not just a personal care that she had extended by taking care of herself under stress filled circumstances, she had taken care of her family and all of us by staying strong. She had her responsibilities strongly built in her mind and heart! She did not stop with just that, she went ahead to join the hospital awareness team for the dreadful disease and has been inspiring many others ever since, by being a living example! An exemplary effort indeed!

I still see my MOTHER as a burning candle for our family tree. Many other forced situations for her mom, mom-in-law, for her own self trying to keep her the best at all times even though she keeps encountering struggles. Though they are seen as opportunities by my MOM, I pray silently that’ she earns some peace for all that she has selflessly done! To put up a smile as though everything is still and normal has been her nomenclature ever since I have known her. I wish sincerely that her smile remains forever, but without the clause of problems! LOVE YOU MOM!


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