”Being Her” – The Best of My Life!

Being the best in life is always relative and hence the phrase “better than the best” was coined. Yes, being superlative is not just relative but absolute as well because of it covering an ideal scenario. Many a time it is unachievable since ‘betterment’ is a way of life. Considering this into account, I am going to do ‘my best’ to project the best part of my life. Not something that I have resorted to earlier, but something that I have lived through and experienced. Not a biography, but a cherished memory!

Projecting and sharing someone else’ influence in our lives though is a common occurrence; it takes that little step to write and preserve those memories and guidance not just for our own selves but for the generations to come. The flair to bring to light the “Three phenomenal Women of My Life” is the motto of the “Best of My Life” series, which will see a complete shift from what I have been writing on my shell subjects!

It is a small tribute that I pay to those great souls that have made me into a value-filled human being than just being a mere social animal. Another note is to value relationships in our lives and to increase not the M-vitamin value but the emotional bond-value with people around and near us. Through the relationship I share with these three women, I wish to also share with my fellow friends here, the importance and value of money in our lives, and not to treat it as a ruling factor of life, but just an option to lead lives the way it is ‘needed’ by us!

Special and unforgettable emotions that I have esteemed with these three wonder-filled women will prove that ‘Love’ conquers money and all materialistic pleasures of life. Relationships are not our ‘investment markets’. Relationships treasure the investment of each other’s time to create values, habit, emotions, love, trust, wisdom, clarity and bond the evaluation of the ‘I’ as an ultimatum of the Supreme.

To find time has become our top most priority and if we are successful, to invest it with our loved ones proves to be the toughest bet since the other goes through the same vicious cycle. To achieve this balance between relations and gain momentum takes time indeed! This series of articles will talk through the relationship that I still cherish and look back & also aim to create strides in the circle that I have gained here. It doesn’t aim to have high ending impacts, but a simple satisfaction of having ‘you’ apply simple calculations and values to treasure blood-filled relationships than paper-filled! It is not a following, but once again a sharing, prioritizing people and values over money and material.

Stay Tuned to Live through “Being Her”…….


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