Rise of Terrorism – Global and Indian context

Rise of Global Terrorism:

No unique set of ‘root causes’ actually explains the emergence of insurgent or terrorist violence.

The course of Israel Arab War (1967) has been responsible for the rise of modern terrorism in the world. Cold War (1955-1990) is also indirectly responsible in giving birth to modern terrorism. Because of the differences between Communal-ism and capitalism, a lot of civil wars have been emerged, which gave a chance for the rise of terrorism.

Other factors such as insurgent groups, capitalistic economic development which has led to the acute inequity, large scale illegal international migration, the re-emergence of regional Nationalism after the cold war, modern geo-political conflicts, development of complex economic systems because of the globalization of economies are responsible for the rise of global terrorism.

Rise of Terrorism in India:

India has been a victim of terrorism and insurgency since Independence. In the late 1980s, Kashmir, one of the most strategic states in India and sharing land borders with Pakistan, witnessed the rise of terrorism with visible support from Pakistan. Without the external hand, which includes base areas to terror groups, arms supply, financial help and training terror recruits in Pakistan, the Kashmiri terrorist groups could not have sustained themselves for so long.

Nationalist aspirations, due to lack of integrity and due to insurgency, there is a rise of Terrorism in India. Insurgent groups such as the Naga Group are continuously getting support from the border countries like China.

Naxalism today represents an institutional form of terrorism with guerillas capable of isolated large scale military operations. The level of militant actions represents networked terrorism rather than an ability to carry out coordinated paramilitary operations. Financial support for these naxal groups is derived from low level economic terrorism in the form of extortion, taxes, levies and banks.

Other factors which are responsible for the rise of terrorism in India are the nationalist wars in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, also because of out multiethnic groups of India and porous borders.


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